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Singles should look into informal ways of meeting people, such as learning to dance. Dance classes are lots of fun, where there is no pressure and everyone can share a good time in a casual atmosphere. Laughing together and learning the steps can take friendship into something more romantic. You'll certainly make good friends, even if you don't end up a ballroom diva!

Ways to Meet Hampshire Singles

If you're looking for ways to find dates, female singles can meet many men in one place by joining martial arts classes whilst increasing body confidence. Male singles should consider taking a local cookery course at Highbury College. A guy who can cook is always a hit with the ladies and you are bound to get word of mouth recommendations if nothing else. Andover College and Winchester Discovery Centre offer part time courses to suit and you can meet like-minded people. Males could consider booking up courses looking at local wildlife and habitats in Hampshire to meet ladies whilst females could consider courses examining local railways and brewing to meet men.

Get Out There and Start Dating

Take dates to the gorgeous parks for a walk and warm, friendly restaurants like The Black Rat, Winchester and The Queen Hotel Coffee Lounge in historical Aldershot or check out one of the 40 dinner dance venues. Whatever you want to do, Love Hampshire Singles makes it so easy for you to meet singles to go dating with, so what are you waiting for? Join for free today!